Which Drinks Are Best For Your Health And Diet Plan

A human body need water or any other liquid drinks to survive healthy and physical energy. Deficient of liquid is in a body become cause of dehydration. As we come to know that any liquid is most essential requirement of alive body. But must consider two aspect, first what type of drink you choose for your health and secondly how much use daily.
A human body contain water about two-third of weight of healthy body. Requirement of body depends upon many factors likes as temperature of atmosphere and nature of work etc. a normal requirement is about 105 liters/day (9 to 15 glass water or any other drinks). But be careful only take those drinks that are good and benefited as a part of your health and diet. Water,milk and fruits juice are best for your health and diet plan. Try to avoid alcohol, fatty, fizzy and sugar soft drinks that can harmful for your health. So don’t choose these drinks as a part of your healthy diet plan.
            Healthiest and most easy choice as a drink is water. Water is best choice for thirst because water has not containing sugar or calories that are harmful for your health and can damage your teeth. Average people has not like simple water as drink, they want some soft drinks which give some taste. Although simple water has not any taste but you can add some lemon or lime or fruit juice for taste.
For young children milk is a best healthy choice as drink because milk is a best source of calcium  and vitamins. Fruit juices also a best choice for all ages especially for children. But be careful regular use of those juices that contain sugar can damage your teeth and cause of tooth decay. But don’t worry its best that you use sugar containing juices with meal, In this way you can protect teeth.
            Fizzy drinks and squashes are also containing sugar so try to minimize the use of these drinks.
            Energy drinks also has caffeine that make us more alert, but these drinks are not appropriate for children or babies and pregnant women. Sports drinks only use when you are doing staying power sports and your body need to be energize. Sports drinks have their limits to be used otherwise you will be out of game affecting by rules of game tests.

            I suggest that only use those drinks that give you health and avoid from that are harmful for your health and diet plan.

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