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              Its true and everybody know and belief that stress is harmful for health, but even then stress is the common disease now a days. Everyone knows that stress is main cause of high blood pressure but it’s out of control somehow. Stress commonly appears in elderly because they have some problems in their lifestyles. They might have not enough sleep, might haven’t regular and balance exercise, might haven’t balance diet, personal problems that increase stress in their life. Now you come to know the reasons of stress. Then there are many question build in mind.

Feel free to enjoyHow can you fight against stress?
How you can control on stress?
How you get relief from stress?
What you can do to relieve the stress?
Have you any idea how can you do?  
Is stress in your under control?

The way to reduce the effect of stress is Fight against stress and this fight is main and essential part of your healthy life. Due to this fight elderly can improve their physical health and mental satisfaction. The best way to fight is Exercise. Exercise should be proper, balance and regular. Exercise develop your healthy body and fresh your mind. This healthy and fresh mind improves your mood and reduces your mental stress. This is a best way to deal with stress.
Stress also effect due to fat problems. Fat can increase illness, such as diabetes, reduce bone solidity, weaken the muscle, increase the blood sugar, and high blood pressure. These diseases are extremely danger for elderly. In this situation you have to maintain your balance diet. Only this is the way you can reduce fats.
Stress also cause of inadequate sleep. This is also main cause of stress. Due to the lack of sleep your resistive system become weakens. So you have to sleep at least eight hours in night. In the elderly ages sleep hours also minimizes. But you should try to sleep to have a complete rest and in day time you should choose healthy activities which bring happiness to you.
Finally, any activity cannot relieve your stress if you cannot fight against stress. Main thing you should forget your troubles in this way. This is momentary secure but very vital. when you get out of stress then able to take good diet which bring good health and healthy lifestyle.

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