Our Health and Challenges

by Tauqeer Ahmad>>>>>>>>>>

                 When someone is going down and struggling with health in life and facing problems due to health then he think about his health and diet, many question rises in his mind. What is our health and where we are going?What are we doing to maintain our good health. What we done for our self. Then I ask about their health, I like to listen that now they are agree to do good things and making helpful changes in their life for their healthiness.

Healthy lifestyle     People thinking what they have to do for their health and what is most helpful?  There are so many easy ways to live healthy, but I surprise why we are not doing this. It does not mean that I suppose it to be an easy to be done. I know that maintaining good health is a challenge rather a chain of challenges but we have to do this for our self and for our families.

First challenge is to fight with your own self. Before doing any work first make your mind up rather it’s helpful or not, is it beneficial and strong activity? In fact in this fight we have to outline few things:
1.      What do you like to do?
2.       Why do you like to done?
3.       The way you are doing.
4.       What thing brings to a halt me to do it?
After knowing these facts now you are able to focus on health. If you pay no attention to these facts or any of them then you have a serious problem that brings you in stressed. This is the reason that people are losing their health. In some cases people are not ignoring but they not giving proper attention or importance.
We are aiming to be a healthy life. We are aiming helpful healthy habit. We are aiming healthy exercises in life. Our aim is to build healthy environment. Our aim is to grow healthy bodies because healthy bodies have healthy minds. Now start with us to fight against beneficial activities and spread healthy information to all about good health and diet.

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