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            Life without Health is just like a time killing guy. Save your life by getting healthy diet in diet you take food, vegetables and fruit juices. Many people assume that healthy food like fresh vegetables, fruits and their juices are expensive and everybody cannot afford these things. Unhealthy foods which become cause of fat, sugar and dieses are less costly and are in the approach of everyone. It also assumes that junk food items are more available than healthy food items only due to less cost. Now get a survey of market and you will find many facts about this some of them are these.
eat healthy foodThe sellers of junk foods sell these item because we buying these things and they are promoting their business and playing with your health. On the other hand sellers of fresh food raise the price of items due to fewer sales. Eventually they also frozen their materials and after that those items get same value as junk items. That is the reasons of high rates of fresh food items. But this is not happening everywhere.
I read a survey of agriculture branch that some healthy food item are costly in weight but on the other hand if consider calorie then these item are less costly for health. Somehow fresh food items (vegetables, fruits and fruit juices) are less expensive then fast food items like French fries, soft drinks and ice cream etc.

I suggest that if you go to market then buy fresh and healthy food. If there is problem of cost then take less food items but that should be healthy because there is nothing most important than health.
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