Are Dairy Foods Good For Your Health and Diet

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               For vegetarians who use eggs and milk in their diet without meat and for non vegetarians the common and important thing is to maintain their health and diet. A healthy body need balance diet with proteins and calcium.
Our body need proteins and calcium to grow up and for this you use dairy food like cheese and yoghurt etc because human body feel easy to absorb these substances from dairy food. Milk and yoghurt both are good sources of calcium and proteins for a healthy body. Although milk is major cause of fat but with a balance use in diet this risk of getting overweight can be turn down. A best idea to minimize the effect of fat is to use semi-skimmed milk or use some other types of food which contain less fat.
              Milky food products are very important part of your children’s good health and diet, because these products containing very good source of proteins, vitamins, energy and minerals. These ingredients play very much roll to grow and build healthy bones in children.
            For healthy life add milk in your diet plan. But use pasteurizes milk. Pasteurization is a method of heating milk and prevent from harmful bacteria. Don’t use raw milk and cream. In this condition these may cause of food poisoning. Those children and oldies that are already on bed, they must avoid to use pasteurize milk because it very harmful for their health in this condition.
So take care of your health and diet
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