Causes of Back Pain and Relief for Healthy Lifestyle

               Some diseases are commonly growing at the present time. The people those are not caring about their health and daily diet plan. They face many problems in their life. Due to improper and unbalance diet and unhealthy activity mostly people facing pains in their bodies such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headache pain.

Causes of Back Pain and Relif for Healthy Lifestyle Today we focus on back pain, its causes and relief. Common causes of back pain are tension and stiffness. There are many other causes and types of back pain. Some of them are following:-
  • Stress is main cause of back pain in body
  • Excessive strain on back. In women due to pregnancy
  • Accidental fractures in back
  • Incorrect postures while sitting on chairs
  • Incorrect position while sleeping
  • Bed condition not suitable for sleeping
  • Office chairs are not designed as easy to sit long
There are some tips for pain relief and treatment and live healthy life. But be in contact with your doctor or physician as per your routine medical.
    Causes of Back Pain and Relif for Healthy Lifestyle
  • If some one suffering from back pain due to stretch then try to move slowly and try to normalize your muscles.
  • If you can not move then lay down on flat bed on your back. Do not lay down on face towards downward and place two pillows under your knees so that your back will remain straight.
  • Back pain can be minimize if you apply ice on painful area
  • Some times soaking with hot water can cause relief in pain
If you are feeling ever uncomfortable and facing some serious symptoms like following then immediately consult with your doctor.

  • Fever above 100 F
  • Swelling on the pain area
  • Constant pain ever then laying down straight
  • Pain moving upper back on chest
  • Pain moving down towards legs
  • Loss of bowel control
  • Pain increase at night
Causes of Back Pain and Relif for Healthy Lifestyle 
  For healthy life every body must watch his unhealthy activities and diet plan.

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